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Special Notice

The annual Simulated Emergency Test for 2018 will be exercised October 26 and 27 throughout Illinois. All commercial communication means will be assumed to not function, including the internet.
Radio operators should practice their skills in direct communications and relay communications via VHF and HF, to all points within the State, particularly Springfield. Remember, repeaters will not be functional. Also, practice your skills with message handling, both with radiograms and ICS213s. Any licensed operator is encouraged to participate.
This event will be exercised parallel with State and County assets. Some operators will be working directly with those resources.
If you have Winlink available, peer to peer sessions will be utilized in VHF and HF. Winlink practice occurs daily and each of you are welcome to attend on 145.61 and 3.571.5 USB. Call Bruce WA9APQ at 618-925-6391 for details, training, or practice.
Additional detail will be shared on the Sunday night ARES net (147.09/146.88), as it becomes available. Net time is 2015L.