Morse Code

You do not need to learn Morse Code to be an amateur radio operator today.  We now have no code licenses. Some people do want to learn morse code. That's not a problem, but if you find it is something you might want to learn, and I encourage you to take the time to learn it, it will open a whole new world of opportunities to work more hams.

Below are some links to resources that will help you learn the code.

Morse Code Table                   Displays the dits and dah's for the alphanumeric characters and punctuation.

Straight Key Century Club    A good beginner's introduction and resources for learning code.

W1AW Code Practice             mp3 Files and Text to verify what you copied.

      Learn CW Online                      A complete online course for learning code. Read the Introduction before you try to use it.

Code Quick                              This one will cost you $$ but they have a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.
      Just Learn Morse Code          Just Learn Morse Code is free for personal, non-commercial hobby use.