Beginning August 17, 2017 through August 21, 2017 

special events station W9E

will operate during the solar eclipse event.

Demonstrating Amateur Radio, working stations around the United States & the World

Change of Operating Location. Click on the Directions link below.

This will be the first total eclipse on American soil since 1991, the first on the mainland United States since 1979 and 

the first to sweep across the entire country since 1918. It will be an event you do not want to miss!

Remember if you are going to view the Eclipse you must use eye protection.
We have 25 pairs of eclipse glasses for those site participants during the eclipse.

The far southern tip of the state of Illinois is the only place viewers can see the totality of the eclipse. The prime viewing locations will be 

Murphysboro (at 1:19:30pm for 2m40s), Carbondale (at 1:20pm for2m38s) and Marion (at 1:20:40pm for 2m28s).

The W9E Operating Schedule is available for you to fill in the times you would like to operate. 

We hope to be able to run a continuous operation from 0001 August 17 through 2359 August 21. 

Click on the link to put in your availability. It will automatically save your information.  


Please fill in your contact information on the Operator Data Base and click to email

We need to have your information for ARES and W9E activities.


John, WB0VTM,  has approved the  use of the EchoLink  WB0VTM-L, Node 824404, during the Eclipse event.

We will be using 146.49 as the simplex frequency during the W9E event as well as for the ARES activity during the event times.

For further information contact the W9E webmaster.

We have received two radio kits to participate in the EclipseMob study to monitor and record radio wave signals before, during and after the solar Eclipse that will be used to study the effects of sunlight on the ionosphere. 

If you are wanting to upgrade or wish to test for a new license, we will be holding testing during the event.

Check back here for the testing schedule.

The public is invited to come out to the operating site.