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The April 27, 2019 Spring SET will focus on Operator Training to pass emergency messages.

Objective: Train to pass messages throughout the counties and up to a principle net control during the 8 hours 8:00AM-4:00PM (0800 - 1600L) - Train on sending messages to "Net Control" and individual counties.

Spring SET Station parameters and Operational Characteristics:

Use emergency power where at all possible

"Simplified" equipment configuration - set up and operated by minimum number of people

Use teams/groups to alternate operating times - simulation of "72 Hours"

Simplex operation on all bands

Temporary antenna structures dipoles or NVIS HF antennas

Voice and Data (Winlink/Winmor/Pactor) message with relays where needed

ICS-213 Message formats

ARRL Radiograms

Operation. if possible (but not required), during entire SET period to allow for maximum training opportunities for everyone.